Hydrophobic Rinse Aid

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Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse Aid

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The quick and easy way to apply long lasting protection with enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces.

Change the way you wash your car with Aqua Coat, the quick and easy way to apply long lasting protection, with enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces. Aqua Coat adds a protective layer of Si02 coating to all exterior surfaces right at the wash stage. Simply wash your vehicle as normal, rinse then apply a fine mist of Aqua coat to the vehicle whilst wet, rinse once again. You will see before your very eyes the instant effects of Aqua Coats hydrophobic characteristics, that last wash after wash for up to 3 months. Dry your vehicle as normal and your done, it really is that simple to apply it's initial coat, as it is subsequent top up coats.

*We advise storing upright at all times.

Directions for use

We've put together a few simple steps to help you get the best out of Aqua Coat 1 Litre highlighting what you should be doing to get the most out of Aqua Coat 1 Litre when detailing your pride and joy.

  1. Aqua Coat should only be applied to a wet vehicle after washing. Before you start: Ensure the vehicle is not in direct sun light and in ambient temperatures - do not attempt to apply Aqua Coat in hot weather, in direct sun or to a warm vehicle.
  2. Ensure all traces of shampoo have been thoroughly rinsed.
  3. Apply a light mist of Aqua Coat over a wet vehicle - be quick aqua coat will cover most surfaces whilst being rinsed from the car, usually a light mist across the majority of the vehicle will equate to the entire vehicle being coated when the solution is rinsed from the vehicle.
  4. Rinse thoroughly from top down ensuring all trances of Aqua Coat have been rinsed away.
  5. Dry with a microfibre towel straight away.
  6. DO NOT allow Aqua Coat to dry on the vehicle (Aqua Coat does not require curing time). DO NOT apply to a hot car or in direct sunlight. DO NOT over apply (less is more).
  7. SHOULD SPOTTING OR STREAKING OCCOUR. Immediate response is the best course of action. In the first instance: Simply spray Aqua Coat on to a microfibre towel and buff (using in a similar fashion to quick detailers) . If spotting is noticed later: A polish such as our Tripple all in one will be adequate to resolving the issue.