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Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning Kit

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Our Crystal Clear cleaning kit features the perfect mix of products to get a clean, smear-free finish to glass surfaces.

Our Crystal Clear cleaning kit features the perfect mix of products to get a clean, smear-free finish to glass surfaces. Sometimes simply cleaning just isn’t enough. Our window cleaning kit features the cleaner required to get the perfect base for our Vision polish. Vision will iron out any mild imperfections or light scratches leaving the best finish possible to all glass surfaces.

The Crystal cleaning kit includes the following:

1 x 500m Vision glass polish – RRP. £11.95.

The Auto Finesse Vision glass polish is a specially-formulated advanced formula, which removes any stubborn stains from glass which aren’t easily removed with cleaners. Our Vision glass polish smooths out mild imperfections in the glass’ surface. Vision is also safe to use on tints and chrome. Simply apply a couple of small drops to a microfibre applicator and work into the glass’ surface using light pressure. Once a panel is covered, buff off using a fresh microfibre towel. Avoid contact with plastic and rubber components.

1 x 500ml Crystal glass cleaner – RRP. £6.95.

Our glass cleaner Crystal is the absolute must for smear-free glass. The alcohol-based solution is highly concentrated and features balanced distilled solvents to smooth over any possible imperfections that may be present. It’s also gentle enough to use on all manner of glass, as well as sensitive tints and acrylic and polycarbonate windows often used in racing. Ensuring the glass is clean upon application, apply a fine mist of Crystal to a manageable section of glass and remove immediately using a short pile microfibre towel. Once removed, fold the towel over to reveal a fresh side to buff off revealing a Crystal-clear finish. Auto Finesse Crystal can also be used in conjunction with glass sealants.

1 x Waffle weave towel – RRP. £4.95.*

The Waffle weave towel is the perfect companion for any glass work. Its weave fibre construction is the ultimate drying towel for a streak-free finish to any glass surface. It comes in 400mm x 600mm sizing, too, so it’s easy to fold and fold again revealing a fresh side when drying. Further aiding a smear-free buff off.

1 x Microfibre applicator – RRP. £1.25.

The 120mm diameter x 200mm thickness has been designed to be the perfect handheld tool for applying our specialist car care products. The microfibre applicator is a soft pad used to apply products such as Tripple, Rejuvenate, Tough Prep and any one of our polishes including Vision. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather, they’re a versatile must have in any detailer’s kit.