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pH Neutral, Wax And Sealant Safe Shampoo

The Auto Finesse Lather wax and sealant-safe car shampoo is a Orange, Apple or Lemon infused blend of gentle pH neutral surfactants and highly concentrated lubricants. Combined with the two-bucket wash technique, this translates into swirl-preventing lubricity, strong cleaning power and lusciously thick foam, without leaving residue upon rinsing.


Lather comes neat, but can be diluted to suit your needs. The dirtier your car, the more shampoo should be used. Be sure to use snow foam first to rid the vehicle of any loose particles that could mark your paint. Following snow foam application, simply dilute Lather into one bucket of clean water and fill a second bucket with clean water only, dip a wash mitt into the soapy solution and contact wash the vehicle working panel by panel. Be sure to rinse the wash mitt in the second bucket after each panel.

Directions for use

We've put together a few simple steps to help you get the best out of Lather Infusions 500ml highlighting what you should be doing to get the most out of Lather Infusions 500ml when detailing your pride and joy.

  1. Remove loose dirt from the bodywork by rinsing with water from a hose or pressure washer.
  2. Add 2 - 4 capfuls of shampoo to a bucket of cold or warm water.
  3. Using your wash mitt or detailers sponge, wash the car from top to bottom, we advise adopting the two bucket method, rinsing mitt in the plain water from the first bucket, before taking fresh solution from the second bucket.
  4. Once you have washed the whole car, rinse throughly with an open end hose and dry.

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