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The Auto Finesse leather kit is the perfect way to keep your interior fresh, clean and protected

The Auto Finesse Leather Kit features five items that are an absolute must for leather-based interiors. It consists of a cleanser to rid your leather of any dirt and grime before protecting with our also-included conditioner. The leather kit is the perfect route to a fresh, clean and protected interior.

The Leather Cleaning kit includes the following

1 x 500ml Hide Cleanser – RRP. £8.95.

Auto Finesse Hide cleanser removes ground-in dirt from all manner of leather upholstery. Its glycerine-based cleaner is balanced and gentle enough to remove dirt from modern leather materials including all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline/nappa leather finishes. Penetrating deep within the pores of the leather, it draws out embedded dirt and stains and can even remove dye-transfer from jeans. Simply shake the bottle before spraying a fine mist into the included work towel before gently wiping the leather surface. Then, turn your towel over to a fresh side before buffing off. While formulated to keep up to date with leather tanning and dying technology, if you’re using Hide cleanser on delicate aniline leathers; test the product in an inconspicuous area, and if no dye-transfer is present it is safe to continue.

1 x 250ml Hide Conditioner – RRP. £7.95.

Hide Conditioner is used to condition and protect leather surfaces, but is also great at restoring a leather’s original colour. Formulated with lanolin and wax-enriched ingredients, you can use Hide on all types of leather to reintroduce essential oils. It softens and nourishes leather upholstery to leave a factory fresh satin-matte finish, as well as reintroducing that new leather smell. The protective layer is breathable and keeps the leather from drying out, also helping to prevent dye-transfer. Hide Leather Conditioner is suited to all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline/nappa leather finishes. Start by cleaning the leather with our Cleanser to remove surface dirt. Shake Hide to activate its ingredients and apply a small amount to a microfibre applicator pad. Work Hide into the leather for full coverage and allow to cure for several minutes before buffing off with the included work towel to reveal a natural satin-matte finish.

1 x Upholstery Brush – RRP. £12.95.

Handmade in the UK, the Auto Finesse upholstery brushes are perfect for cleaning all manner of vehicle fabric. They feature 76mm bristles, are set in resin and feature a small soft wood handle. These bristles mean that it’s the ideal tool for agitating our specialist products deep within fabric and leather materials. If you have a soft top, you can also use this brush to clean soft top roofs.

1 x Microfibre Cloth – RRP. £1.50.

Our microfibre work cloth is our most versatile cloth. It can be used in all manner of applications, from removing wax residues and excess sealant, as well as any overspray of product. It measures in at 400mm x 400mm, so is easy to keep folding over to reveal fresh sides to get the best finish possible. Its 300GSM also means it’s super soft so won’t inflict any damaging marks to delicate surfaces such as paint.

1 x Microfibre applicator – RRP. £1.25.

Our microfibre applicators come in 120mm diameter x 200mm thickness and have been designed to be the perfect handheld tool for applying our specialist car care products. The microfibre applicator is a soft pad used to apply products such as Tripple, Rejuvenate, Tough Prep and any one of our polishes including Vision. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather, they’re a versatile must have in any detailer’s kit.

1 x Bubblegum air freshener – RRP. £1.95.

Bubblegum is one of our most popular scented air fresheners and we’ve included one in our Leather cleaning kit. We couldn’t put some of our favourite interior products without including our Bubblegum air freshener. Designed in-house, it features a simple black and white logo in 80mm x 80mm sizing.