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Revitalise No:2 (V2) Polishing Compound

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Auto Finesse Revitalise No.2 is our paintwork polishing compound, capable of tackling medium to light swirls and defects to paintwork.

  • The second step in our three-step Revitalise range to that fine cut finish.
  • Follows Revitalise No:1 flawlessly to tackle medium-light paint defects, leaving a swirl-free finish
  • Effective polishing compound for a range of paint types.
  • Use in partnership with our yellow Revitalise Pad No:2 for best results.

Designed for use with a dual action/random orbital polisher, the Revitalise three-step range is the must-have for restoring paintwork. The entire Auto Finesse Revitalise range has been redeveloped to contain an improved blend of abrasive compounds for an even better finish. It offers a much faster and overall cleaner working experience, and is an altogether nicer product to work with. Once you’ve finished polishing with Revitalise No:2, be sure to follow up with stage three in the Revitalise process (No:3) to ensure a hologram-free finish. Developed for use together with a dual action/orbital machine polishers.


Make sure the conditions you’re working in are first, first and foremost; a cool surface area is a must and be sure to set yourself up out of direct sunlight – this is so that the product doesn’t get baked onto the paint. Shake the product well. Prep Revitalise Pad No:2 using Auto Finesse Pad Prime and follow with 2-4 drops of Revitalise No:2. On speed setting two, work the compound into an 18-inch x 18-inch area. Work up to speed 4 and back down to speed 2 for a final pass until the product turns clear. Once you’ve completed one panel, switch off the polisher and give the entire area a final buff off using a clean microfibre cloth.

Directions for use

We've put together a few simple steps to help you get the best out of Revitalise No:2 (V2) highlighting what you should be doing to get the most out of Revitalise No:2 (V2) when detailing your pride and joy.

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Always work on a cool surface
  3. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants
  4. Using the accompanying pad type, “Restoring” (pad 1) prime the pad with 2 mists of “Pad Prime”
  5. Apply 2-4 small pea sized amounts of polish to the pad
  6. Work across an area of paintwork approx 2’x2’ at a time, starting at speed 2, working up to speed 4 and back down to speed 2, fully work until product is clear
  7. Wipe off residue immediately after each panel